+ Values & Criteria Analysis

This assignment moves us between the values you hold for digital media texts that you like (and don’t like) and the values that digital writing studies holds for the digital media genre(s) of “scholarly multimedia” that we’ll be producing in class. Based on your work on this assignment, we’ll be creating evaluation criteria for your final projects (which we’ll discuss more in class on Sept. 22.)

Due date: Noon, Wednesday, September 22.


  • to learn about the values  that the field of digital writing studies (as a primary audience for our final projects) has for scholarly multimedia texts
  • to transfer our own values of digital media to other kinds of texts, examining what transfers and what doesn’t and why
  • to begin culling down the currently available (and newly introduced: yours) evaluation heuristics for scholarly multimedia into a “short list”
  • to practice analytical writing as a hybrid of school and public genres that are useful in more and less formal writing practices like “reading responses” and “blog posts”
  • to continue learning about forms/contents of blogs (technical, procedural, organizational, purposeful)
  • to learn how to make screenshots and embed them in blog posts and pages.


  1. Pick a successful piece from the class discussion about digital media texts (one of your own or another student’s), and apply the three heuristics above to it to determine which/whether they are valuable/useful tools to read and evaluate that text.
  2. Then apply the three heuristics to the “This is Scholarship” piece we watched in class and examine whether they are valuable/useful tools with which to read and evaluate this piece of scholarly multimedia.
  3. Decide which of the concepts/terms/questions from the heuristics seem most relevant to each of the above two texts.
  4. Create a NEW PAGE on your blog in which you describe (prolly somewhat lengthy: 5-6 paragraphs and/or a bullet-pointed/annotated list) your choices from the heuristic and justify why you think those choices are the most relevant ones to digital media AND scholarly multimedia.

Things to consider:

  • Be sure to describe the predominant genre(s) of the digital media example, especially because you may find that your choice, in comparison to the scholarly multimedia example, may not elicit a shared set of relevant criteria. Does the sharing, or lack of sharing, have something to do with the genre(s) of the texts? iow, do the heuristics, which were meant for scholarly multimedia, work for the digital media text you’ve chosen? Tell me why your two texts do — or don’t or can’t or shouldn’t — have the same evaluation criteria.
  • Be sure to link to or embed the textual examples and/or include screenshots as necessary, which will help me see/understand why you’ve chosen the criteria you have.
  • This assignment is similar to an analytical/response essay in that you need to make sure I can understand your point (e.g., which criteria you’re justifying and why) by defining/summarizing the criteria you’re using (and telling me which heuristic it comes from), describing the textual examples through writing or screenshots, and making it clear to me through references to the texts and the criteria why these things (text in relation to criteria, or vice versa) make sense together while others didn’t make sense to include.
  • For class next week: Be prepared to discuss (list & justify) both your chosen criteria and the three heuristics in class. We’re using this assignment to begin creating a “short list” of evaluation/assessment/grading criteria for our scholarly multimedia projects.

If you have questions, please post them in the comments area of this page. Thanks!

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