+ Portfolio Reflection

Purpose: The assignment asks you to reflect by demonstrating and discussing your learning goals and outcomes in this class, over the course of the entire semester.


  • To showcase your individual learning from the semester
  • To focus on the course goals that you felt you made the most learning/progress on (and alternately, on ones you felt you fell shy of making excellent strides in) and to demonstrate

Due Date: No later than the end of the last class period, Wednesday, December 8.

Your portfolio reflection can be done in any medium you want. It is a reflection of your learning throughout the whole class, not just the final project. If you need to use clips or images or audio to provide examples of this learning, you should. I also expect you to be able to say in an intelligent way what you learned this semester. (Go back to the course goals.) Remember that I am your primary audience for this piece (read: academic/teacher), even though it will appear on your online portfolio where others might read/view it. Check out student examples from last semester’s 239 class (listed on our semester’s schedule under August 19: student reflection examples )– some are better than others, and I’m sure you can judge for yourself.

Focus on one or two main points that you want to make about your learning in this class. And, like I said, choose whatever medium you want. This piece should stand on its own rhetorically and might be the equivalent of 4 polished written pages, two minutes of audio, or one minute of video. Ish. The portfolio reflection is a chance for you to tell me what you’ve learned over the course of the term, how the class goals will extend beyond this particular class, and what major items you want me to most know about your learning over the semester. I take these reflections very seriously, and they are incredibly useful in my teaching this class and learning from students to better teach this class.

Turn-in Instructions: Post your reflection on your class blog, either by linking, embedding, or writing it in–whichever is appropriate to the medium of your reflection.

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