Peer-Review Annotation assignment

Purpose: For this assignment, I want you to reflect on your peer-review letter written to your classmates by annotating the specific places where you drew on the evaluation criteria you chose when reviewing their piece. Each time you use a criteria (or if you introduced a NEW criteria in your reading), say WHY you thought it was important to address for the particular piece you were reviewing and HOW it got at a specific critique (or good point) you wanted the authors to know about. In essence, this annotation is a meta-reflection of your peer-review letter that will show me that you understand how and why we came up with the sets of criteria we did (from earlier in the semester), how you can apply them to an actual webtext, and will help you think about how you would continue to create new criteria for evaluating different kinds of texts in future writing scenarios (either in or out of class). So, show me what you know 😉

Instructions: I’m expecting that you’ll have around 4-6 annotations of about 3-5 sentences each. You can use Comments in Word, or some other similar program, or insert your comments in ALL CAPS and BOLD within the body of the text. Email me (as an attachment) your annotated peer-review letter. My email is cball at ilstu dot edu.

Due date: end of the day, Wednesday, December 15

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