peer-review groups

1. Hip-Hop Renaissance
submitting to C&C Online
Reviewers: Justin, Sarah, Shane
Send reviews to: Kayla, Billy, Danny, Breezy, and me

2. Facebook Activism
submitting to Kairos Disputatio section,
Reviewers: Hannah, Kayla, Danny, Breezy
Send reviews to: Sarah, Katie H., Justin, and me

3. Review of Distracted
(read instructions under Peer Review Assignment)
submitting to Kairos book review section,
Reviewers: Shayla, Diamond, Katie H., Jeremy
Send reviews to: Jason, Mike, Katie E., Shane, and me

4. Culture Jamming
submitting to Kairos Inventio section
Reviewers: Billy, Katie E. Mike, Jason
Send reviews to: Shayla, Diamond, Hannah, Jeremy, and me

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