Evaluation Criteria from Digital Media Texts

Here is the criteria y’all came up with today, based on the digital media texts you brought to class (in random order):

  • reader -friendly: (a) teaches us how to read the text, and (b) fits, mimics, or breaks from expected genre conventions
  • making hard things look easy
  • a text that connects with you as a group/audience (e.g., “college student” as a cultural, historical, generational discourse community)
  • every element is accounted for in the meaning-making process
  • pacing and organization is apropos to the content
  • media and modes engage the purpose of the text (whether the purpose is funny, artful, persuasive, to parody, etc.)
  • DIY aesthetic (mixing lo- and hi-tech depending on availability)
  • you like it/want to watch it — the text is persuasive in a way that is “fun to watch”
  • unexpected juxtaposition of elements
  • employs a “simple” concept

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