Assignment: Finding 3 examples of digital media

Hey all,

Find 3 online pieces of digital media that make you say “wow.” That might be wow in a good way (as in, wow that’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen!) or in a bad way (as in, wow, that’s total crap!) or some combination. All three pieces shouldn’t be from the same category (good or bad) — mix it up a little, so you can have a variety of texts to consider.

Also, the examples you choose should vary in media and modes of communication in some way. iow, they shouldn’t all be animations, nor all web-comics, nor machinima, nor lolcats, nor scholarly multimedia, etc. You can have 2 from one “kind” and at least one from another kind. This is to prevent you from getting stuck into one way of visualizing how a project might proceed.

Here are some completely random examples where you might start. As you can see, some of these have something to do with digital writing studies, and some of them don’t. Your examples may or may not have anything to do with writing studies. My main goal with this exercise is to have you explore different ways of presenting information/ideas/creativity using digital media. All of the examples below would be akin to good final projects for this class.

To complete this assignment you should find 1-2 others in addition to any above you’ve chosen, but you need three examples total. Read the pieces with the multimodal reading heuristic in mind, which we discussed in class (and is linked from the Schedule).

Once you’ve read these pieces, you should make a new post on your blog in which you

  1. provide the title of the piece and link to it or embed it (if possible), and
  2. annotate/describe the piece in a 5-10 sentences, as it relates to the multimodal reading heuristic. The point is to be explicit about how the piece is working and why you chose it as an example.
  3. In addition — either in the same blog post, in another blog post, or just in notes that you bring to class next week (i.e., be ready to discuss this in class) — list questions that you wish had been included in the heuristic that you would have liked to use to describe/annotate your pieces of digital media. iow, what’s missing from the heuristic; what ways of reading and/or concepts and/or technology does it overlook/exclude?

All three examples should be described/linked in one blog post. These posts are due by 8am Wednesday, Sept. 15. Let me know if you have questions!


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