Readings for Sept. 8


I’ve put 6 copies of the ix: visual exercises CD on reserve at Milner. You can borrow it and view it in the computer lab (or your laptop) in Milner for two hours at a time. It’s possible you can get through the whole thing in two hours, but some folks may want or need to spend a little more time with it. The reserve guy said you could re-reserve it as long as no one is waiting. Don’t wait til Tuesday to do this. Also keep in mind that the library will be closed Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend. (And, yes, you have until the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 8 to finish this assignment. I’ll be picking up the copies around 10am that morning to use them in class that day.)

Same goes for your other reading (which I am still working on today [Saturday] and should have uploaded by this evening). It’s also due Wednesday, Sept. 8. If you have any questions about that reading, you should post them to your blog before class, so I can come prepared to help you understand it better.

Remember that I’ll be offline much of this upcoming week. Will be checking email occassionally, if I can get online, but no guarantees. You’ll be fine, tho. I promise 🙂


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  1. Hannah DeMay

    I have tried to send you 3 different e-mails with my blog address, and they won’t go through. I’m not sure why?? It’s, however.


    Hannah DeMay


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